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First Continental Life & Accident Insurance Company (dba FCL Dental) is one of the largest independent, full-service dental benefits providers. Founded in 1998 to deliver innovative and high-quality dental managed care products to employer groups and individuals, FCL Dental has developed a wide range of dental benefit plans, including health maintenance organization (“HMO”), preferred provider organization (“PPO”) and indemnity plan designs, to provide maximum flexibility to its commercial groups, health plan customers and nursing home facilities.

The Company’s commercial customers include employer groups, government agencies, municipalities, unions, associations and individuals. Its public sector business provides dental benefits to beneficiaries of public programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and other social programs in partnership with major health plans as either value added benefits or complex mandated benefits. FCL Dental typically enters into contracts with its health plan customers for whom it operates as a subcontracting dental vendor. In addition, the Company also provides dental insurance programs for residents at nursing home facilities to enhance their quality of life through preventive oral care on a regular basis. FCL Dental is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas and operates various subsidiaries which include the following brand names:

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