Patient Rights

As an enrollee, you have the right to:

  • Quality care provided by competent personnel in a considerate, respectful, and safe environment
  • Know the identity and professional status of your caregivers
  • Interpreters and/or special equipment to assist language needs
  • Confidentiality of your medical and billing records and personal privacy within the law.
  • Make informed decisions about your care, including requesting or refusing treatment
  • Receive all medical information regarding health status, including alternatives and risks
  • Actively participate indecisions about your care and in developing and accepting your treatment and pain management plan
  • Be treated for any side effects that pain medications may cause
  • Access and review your medical records and to have the information explained within a reasonable time frame.
  • Be free from isolation and restraints, unless medically necessary
  • Be free from discrimination, abuse, or harassment
  • Prepare an advance directive
  • Appoint a personal representative of your choice
  • Receive a complete explanation of charges and your bill
  • Consult with another physician or request transfer to another location
  • Voice complaints without fear of reprisal and receive a timely response.
    • To voice a complaint, communicate concerns or request an ethics consultation related to your care, call First Continental Life and Accident Insurance at 1-800-660-6064

As a patient, you are expected to:

  • Share complete and accurate medical history and information
  • Cooperate in your care and ask questions if you do not understand
  • Actively participate in your care and follow instructions and medical orders
  • Give informed consent prior to the start of any tests, surgery, procedure or treatment. You may also withdraw your consent at any time
  • Request a second opinion
  • Choose or change your health care provider
  • Ask your provider any questions about pain or the treatment of pain.
  • Respect the needs, rights and property of other patients, family members and care givers
  • Have family members or personal representatives authorize care if you are unable to communicate
  • Take only the drugs prescribed by your health care team and promote the healing process by refraining from alcohol or toxic substances during your care
  • Know the extent of your insurance coverage and requirements such as pre-authorization, deductibles and co-payments; call customer services with questions and concerns
  • Meet your financial obligations
Five Steps to Safer Care
1 Ask questions if you have doubts or concerns
2 Keep and bring a list of ALL the medicines you take when you visit your provider
3 Get the results of any test or procedure.
4 Talk to your provider about what is best for your health
5 Make sure you understand what will happen if you need more procedures or care
* U.S. Department of Health & Human Services in partnership with the American Medical Association.
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