Medicare Advantage & Medicaid Plans

Our Goal - The effects of having a robust & comprehensive dental benefits manager.

    • Increase member access to preventive and comprehensive dental services
    • Increase and retain membership
    • Increase member satisfaction
    • Improve the management of dental benefit expenditures
    • Reduce your administrative costs
    • Improve the servicing and oversight
    • FCL Dental will provide a quality partnership and align with our client’s strategic direction and culture 
FCL Health Plan Contractual Relationships

    • Full Risk
    • Administrative Services Only (ASO)
      • Delegation (Full or partial)
        • Compliance (CMS, URAC, & NCQA)
        • Network Development & Provider Relations
        • Credentialing
        • Member Services
        • Claims
        • Information Technology

FCL Dental Provider Network

    • Nationwide Coverage
    • Over 20,000 dental office locations
    •  Access and availability 1 General Dentist every 30 miles (CMS standard 1/75)
    • Efficient credentialing process
    • Seamless network transition with concise disruption reporting
    • We will meet your needs!
FCL Compliance Commitment

    • We are required to implement an effective compliance program that meets the regulatory requirements.
    • We are committed to applying the principles outlined in these guidelines to all relevant decisions, situations, communications and developments.
    • It is essential for our mission to deliver health care services to our customers with accountability for our fiscal and ethical performance.
    • Our staff is trained annually on ethical, fraud, waste, and abuse regulatory requirements
    • Trust, truth and ethical standards are part of what we do, every time and every day
Post Contracting Implementation

    • Contractual performance guarantees 
    • Member-focused project management implementation team
    • Seamless transition
    • Minimize network disruption (if any)
    • Compliance Partnership (CMS, URAC, & NCQA)
    • All hands on deck!
      • Network Development & Provider Relations
      • Credentialing
      • Member/Customer Services
      • Claims
      • Information Technology

FCL Reporting & Beyond

    • We will work in conjunction with the plan to provide all required reporting, timely and accurately.
      • Credentialing
      • Access
      • Quality Improvement
      • Risk Management
      • Measurement Requirements
      • Financial
      • Medicare Specific Reports

FCL Network Assist

    • For plans that want to insource the management of dental benefits, FCL will work with the plan:
      • Transition either comprehensive or incrementally
      • Develop project management plan and strategic alignment
      • Train and transition:
        • Claims
        • Customer Service
        • Credentialing
        • Reporting
        • Transition network dental providers to your contracting template

 Contact FCL Dental – Public Sector Sales

Kerry M. Marcus, MBA
[email protected]
101 Parklane Blvd., Suite 301
Sugar Land, TX  77478
Cell - 504-914-8284
Office - 1-877-493-6282 or 281-313-7150
Fax – 281-966-1751
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